Monday, 26 April 2010

Jacuzzi @ Home

smlm mase jln2 kat carboot, daddy terjumpe bubble jet spa! then..daddy pon beli la...balik rumah jer, excited nak try.. dell pon try jugak okeh. suker dier! ok la...tgk je la gamba2 aksi dell di dlm bath tub k.

ini la set nyer. 2nd hand jer pon. kalo baru it owrth £75! tp daddy beli £9 jer. what a bargain!!!

happy dell. she is 18 months now. how time flies.

uoouuoooo..lihat muncung nye itu. excited tgk bubble2 tuh keluar.

u are so adorable dear!

dell n mummy's hand ;p

Monday, 19 April 2010

Kuda Hongget hongget

Where is the horse? she will point out at this one instead on the book. hehe :)

p/s : lame nye la hai x update ape2 eh?